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My CashInOnBanners review explains in detail why I don't recommend it. Is CashInOnBanners a scam? Let find out...

CashInOnBanners is one of those websites that offers a very attractive affiliate compensation plan. The direct member to member instant payment and the guaranteed visitors to their websites on autopilot is what a lot of people including myself failed for. I regret making that mistake and I don't want this to happen to anyone else that's why I decided to write this review about why I don't recommend CashInOnBanners to help my website visitors learn more and not make the same mistakes as I did.

When I first stumbled upon their website www.cashinonbanners.com through an ad I saw in one of the traffic exchanges sites, I thought wow this is exactly what I was looking for I mean this platform is allowing me to earn direct instant payment and having my ads seen by others effortlessly this is really cool.

Soon after I joined their website I went ahead and upgraded and made my $10 payment so I could enjoy their lucrative enhanced 2-Up affiliate compensation plan. I started setting up my banners. I was really excited to get things rolling and looked over the options presented in my CashInOnBanners member area to see what else I can benefit from as a member of CashInOnBanners.

When I was done with getting to know CashInOnBanners and how their system works, I took my CashInOnBanners referral link and began to promote it. Like anyone else, I would click to get to it to see how it would look like and to see if my referral links works and that's when I found out the ugly stealing of my affiliate commission by a guy name Alexei Zoubov.

When I clicked on my CashInOnBanners referral link and landed on their website, as I was scrolling down the page and everything seems to be okay and at the bottom where it says This page belongs to ... and my affiliate ID everything seems to be working fine, BUT, when I clicked on the other links on the page like Login, Contact, Terms, and Privacy, the page changed from me being the referrer to a name Alexei Zoubov and it stayed that way. I have no idea who this person was but I was very upset about it because this guy is stealing my affiliate commissions because whoever I referred to the page and if they clicked on anything before they decided to join, this guy name Alexei Zoubov would get paid and not me!

Is CashInOnBanners a scam? To me it is! Every affiliate works hard to promote their affiliate links in the hope that someone would join under their affiliate link and that they would earn the commission for the referral, but this CashInOnBanners website is stealing their commissions. It's really frustrating to know I've lost my $10 to this scam and I will never get credited for anyone clicking on my CashInOnBanners referral link because this guy name Alexei Zoubov will receive all the payments and not me. If you are a current member of CashInOnBanners and haven't made a penny, this is the reason why.

I hope my CashInOnBanners review and why I don't recommend it to anyone can help you avoid scams online. If this had happened to you, don't despair and just move on, but learn from your experience so that this would not happen again. My advice is if something sounds too good to be true, 99% of the times it is. Stay safe, invest wisely, and try my 3 trusted and highly recommended programs on the right...

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